Scrubs 4 less of Jacksonville, features a large selection of discount scrubs and uniforms. WE are pleased to serve your uniform needs. Whether you are a nurse working in a clinic, hospital, university, or nursing home, we carry an exstensive selection at a great price. Our uniform scrubs are made of the best fabrics, tailord with style and comfort. We stock unisex scrubs as well as seperates. Low prices are only a morsel of what makes us so good. Customer service, and satisfaction are our most valueable business assets.

Our Goals

We strive to provide the best selection of scrubs and nursing uniforms at prices that can't be beat. With every new season comes an exciting new line of medical scrubs in bright new colors and styles.

Why Chose Us

Here at Scrubs 4 Less of Jax, we pride ourselves with providing high quality medical uniforms to professionals all around the world. Whether you are a Veterinarian, Dentist, or Doctor "S4L" has the right uniform for you.

Brand Exclusive

Our exclusive collections of uniforms offer some of the best fitting, quality made scrubs on the market. If you are looking for an alternative to traditional nursing uniforms, our fashion forward prints is the answer.

Customer Service

Let our shopping assistant help you find the right medical srub in any size, color, brand or styles; the options are up to you.

They always have what I want at a fair price. I just love this Cherokee scrub jacket which I have recently bought. It's fashionable yet comfy with a GREAT price...

About us

WE WILL BE THE LEADER! With our low prices, great customer service, and quality inventory, We are meeting the goal of our founder ... BE THE LEADER!!!.

As a Health Care Professional, I have a behind the lines point of view about uniforms. Uniforms help identify various depatments in Hospitals. A nice jacket can make you unique to your favorite patient who otherwise did not smile at anything else that shift. So, to be a part of, or responsible for dressing health care providers/professionals to take care of people is an honorable privilage. Now, it's my responsiblity to this privilage to BE A LEADER in bringing the best product to the best people I know.

Meet our team

  • Diane Swan
    Founder - Strategist

    Since Scrubs have been an intergral part of my life, it is a pleasure to present a great product at low prices for everyone.
  • Florence Nochez
    Customer Service

    Customer service takes on a new meaning when you serve people who "Serve People".
  • John Dante
    Store Sales

    I am proud to be a part of a special place. I meet some of the nicest people in this city.

Our Store

  • Where To Find Us

    We are conveniently located at 7035 Phillips Hwy Suite 26 Jacksonville, Fl. Centraly located near the best hospitals in the State of Florida. With the increase in service providers to our metropolitain area, we are in a great place for individuals on the go.
  • We Deliver

    Customer Service is always a priority. Whlie we embrace the world wide web and what it offers to convienience, we routinely fulfil large orders to schools, departments, or offices around the greater Jacksonville area. Let us personally deliver your product to you.
  • Online Orders

    Once you have browsed our inventory, please submit your order via email and you will be contacted promptly. Just go to the CONTACT US page and complete your order.

Contact us

We are here to serve you... Our Customer. If you have any questions about visiting our store, ordering online or even size variations please contact us. A customer service representative of our company is waiting.

Online Orders

When browsing "Our Scrubs," please copy the product ID and let us know your size for each item that you would like to purchase. We will contact you with further order instructions.

Personal Deliveries

This is what sets us apart from the rest. We rely on our vested couriers to deliver our products with a smile. At no additional freight cost to you. We see this service a an opportunity to serve you better.

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